Applications and Time-to-Insight

From transactional Oracle and SQL Server based applications to Real-Time Analytics and ERP applications, Violin Systems customers have experienced 1000x performance increase, 300% faster data integrity reporting, and 40% reduction in infrastructure costs. Violin is the trusted expert in delivering extremely low-latency storage solutions.

New Application Experiences

Breaking boundaries enables innovation! Violin Systems continuously breaks boundaries in application performance resulting in our customers gaining competitive advantage while reducing their costs. Our customers are able to extend these benefits to their customers with a dramatically improved end-user experience.

Data Center Economics

It is generally thought that high performance equates to high price. Not true for Violin Systems. With Violin, not only are the products affordable, the extreme performance enables significant reduction in servers and cores, expensive software, and it enables dramatic cost savings and cost avoidance.

Breaking Boundaries To Accelerate Enterprise Applications, Reduce Costs and Enable New Innovation

Violin Systems Extreme Performance Storage delivers consistent high performance with enterprise-class data services to help customers maximize both application performance while significantly reducing IT infrastructure costs.

Consistent Extreme Performance & Reliability

Violin Systems continually sets new standards for performance storage within enterprise data center SAN environments.

Breakthrough Economics & Simplicity

Violin performance advantage saves customers money, with less IO, less expensive processors or fewer processors due to greater efficiency, fewer application licenses, and of course, reduced power & cooling at the rack level.

Predictive Analytics

The Violin Systems analytics engine is always learning and adjusting to changing workloads, answering management questions about LUN performance, workload, provisioning, and dedupe. And, the new mobile app allows for instant visibility into performance, efficiency and temperature statistics.

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